Please understand that we are primarily a provider of business information and marketing lists. We do not offer Email Marketing or Email Delivery Services. Instead we recommend that our list buyers use the email delivery services of Clickback .


Some email delivery services have stricter rules and stricter enforcement of those rules than others. Some services (but not Clickback) insist that you can only email out to a “transactional” list – which means you must already have an established relationship with the recipients. Clearly, our lists do not meet that requirement and what some email delivery services will or will not send is beyond our control. If you are unclear on this point please see our Terms of Business for further details.


If you need help in locating a suitable email delivery service that will send messages to our lists then please visit:- Email Marketing Tips or contact Clickback the market leader in sending email to a purchased list. Many of our clients that have used Clickback seem to get higher open and click through rates which usually will result in more sales and a better return on investment.



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